Hi! I'm a software developer with a social science background living in Atlanta, Georgia.

I'm currently working at MTNA, doing backend development, data quality/management, and marketing work (we're a small team) on projects like Rich Data Services, the Continuous Capture of Metadata Project, and various others.

One of the highlights of my work has been getting to do some work with the team at Postman-- putting together collections of APIs that have been featured in their API Resource Centers (now public workspaces), which you can read more about here, here, and here.

I was also thrilled to write a post for the Postman guest blogger program around my COVID-19 tracking collection and get featured in the community spotlight.

A few other things I've been working on lately:

  • This video giving a walkthrough of how to use the Rich Data Services platform to explore Paycheck Protection Program loan data.
  • My first hackathon submission. (Update: we won! You can read more about the thought process behind our project in this Postman blog post.)
  • This talk I gave at the 2021 Postman Galaxy Conference.
  • During quarantine, I got a spin bike and have been enjoying using the Peloton app (add me at @carrrson if you're also doing some pandemic pedaling). Of course, the most fun part of working out is dissecting the data afterward, so I put together a Postman workspace to play around with some stats.